Egypt is a desert country, but it covers a quarter of the Arab world. Born on the banks of the Nile is one of the most important civilizations of antiquity.

The Egyptian art and the colossal monuments attracted the ancient Greeks and Romans with their enigmatic beauty. Today it attracts millions of tourists, but also scientists who are still trying to decipher its secrets.

The pyramids of Egypt 

Our trip to Egypt begins in the tourist resort of Hurghada. From here we will explore The Red Sea coast and the nearby tourist resorts. We will discover the wonders of the ancient world while traveling in Cairo, the pyramids and the Sphinx are 18 km away from Cairo and 500 km from Hurghada. Then we will venture into the desert, go on safaris and see how the Bedouins live. We will not miss diving in the Red Sea, nor the sunrise.

Hurghada was founded as a small fishing village. Today it is the favorite resort of Egyptians and lovers of the sea, sun and diving. Also, Hurghada stretches for about 40 kilometers along the coast of The Red Sea, with wide beaches and clear water. On the entire coast of The Red Sea, a series of hotels compete in architecture and landscaping, each corner reminding us of the stories from “A Thousand and One Nights”.

During the tourist season, the population of Hurghada triples, the resort becoming a classic of “all-inclusive” holidays organized by European travel agencies. More than 1 million tourists visit Hurghada every year. Most hotels are true mini towns with their own private pools and beaches, fitness facilities, spas, poolside bars, clubs or theaters.

The famous bazaars are located right inside the resort. From here you can buy small souvenirs for your loved ones.

Souvenir items from the bazaar

The Egyptian statuettes representing gods or pharaohs, the famous Egyptian cotton, hand-painted papyri or the famous natural perfume essences from Cleopatra’s time can be found everywhere. You have to choose wisely when shopping, as they may be counterfeit.

Pharaoh statuette

The Camel’s hair, the silk or the cotton represents the raw material used to make carpets right under the eyes of curious tourists.

Camel hair carpets

In order to make the tourists feel good, the hoteliers organize a series of activities: dance classes by the pool, water sports, snorkeling and diving.

Pool dance activity

Tourists who choose to visit Egypt have the opportunity to indulge their taste buds with all kinds of dishes. For all-inclusive holidays, hoteliers offer 3 buffet meals with specific food.

The first days are intended for visiting nearby resorts. We discover Safaga, Soma Bay, Makadi Bay, Sahl Hashees and El Gouna.

Visit Cairo

We arrive in Cairo early in the morning, after a one-night bus ride. Vibrant, exotic and fascinating, Cairo is a city of contrasts, an amalgam of styles and colors, a lively and expanding city. Everywhere you see inhabited red or gray buildings. There is a law that you are exempt from tax if your house has no roof, so most Egyptians live in roofless houses for more than 4-5 years to exempt from paying taxes. The capital of Egypt is the largest Muslim city in the world and, although it is officially said to have 17 million inhabitants, unofficially it is estimated that there are over 22 million inhabitants, and every day at noon in the city there are over 25 million souls.

The first stop is in Tahir Square at The Egyptian Museum. It houses a vast collection of antiques from ancient Egypt. Photography or filming is not allowed inside the museum. No one can take pictures there except the officials, that’s why we use photos found on the internet. On the ground floor there is a vast collection of papyri and coins used in the ancient world. On the 1st floor artifacts from many dynasties are exhibited. We are fascinated by The Tutankhamun’s Tomb, the treasures found inside, but also the people and animals mummified through a long and expensive process. It took 70 days to embalm an inanimated body.

The Egyptian Museum from Cairo

18 km from Cairo, large crowds: coaches, cars, hundreds of tourists, dozens of very annoying street vendors and the indispensable camels. We arrived on the Ghiza plateau, the place where the most famous pyramids are located. The moment of meeting thousands of years of history is overwhelming. Scientists still wonder how the Egyptians managed to organize such a complex workforce and the physical movement of large blocks of stone. The construction of the pyramids may have involved ramps built around it on which the stone blocks were pulled with sledges, and eventually, the ramps were dismantled. 110 pyramids were discovered in Egypt. Some were built as burial places for kings, others for queens.

The Giza Plateau

These are the pyramids on the Giza plateau. They were built as graves for 3 pharaohs, the first for Kheops, the second for his son, the third for his nephew and the small one for his wife.

The Great Sphinx of Giza

The Pyramid of Cheops or The Great Pyramid is one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. The Great Pyramid was built 4,500 years ago.

The Pyramid of Cheops – Nelu Gheorghe – videographer Nelstill Video Production

Desert Safari Hurghada

The long-awaited day has come. The surrounding region of Hurghada is a desert region where safari excursions are organized with visits to Bedouin villages. Our adventure begins in a safari resort. Dressed properly, we go out with the ATVs. Around us a sea of desert.

Desert Safari Hurghada – Video

After an adventurous jeep safari journey through the sand dunes, we reach the Bedouin village. We are greeted with snack and water, sit in the shade of the palm shelters and listen with interest the guide’s stories about the life of the Bedouins.

Best Scuba Diving in Hurghada

The Red Sea ranks first in the world’s top diving destinations with Australia and its Great Barrier Reef. The Red Sea, the northernmost tropical sea, is home to more than 1,000 species of invertebrates, 1,000 species of fish and more than 200 types of coral – with reefs that can reach 90 meters in height. Not for nothing is it called “The Aquarium of Allah”!

Corals and fish

There are over 100 diving centers in Hurghada. Almost every hotel has its own center. The offer is varied, from introductory dives in the pool, to certification courses, at all levels. For a day of diving, the boats go out to sea before nine o’clock and return to shore around 4:30-5:00, in the afternoon.

End of our journey

We are at the end of our journey and it was incredible. For us, Egypt was an indecipherable mystery: desert, pyramids, pharaohs, Bedouins. But we stood at the base of the pyramids, we walked with the camel in the desert, we saw how the Bedouins live and we swam with the fishes in the Red Sea. We experienced a mix of feelings and tasted insatiably of all that this world offered us.

It’s the last morning in Hurghada, so I couldn’t miss the sunrise. Egypt is waiting for you to discover, feel and enjoy the wonders of one of the oldest ancient civilizations.



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