Algarve, Portugal – The Best Vacation Ideas & Destinations for 2020


Algarve Portugal, idea destination for 2020

Over 150 kilometers of rocky shore, clean and wild beaches, steep walls, fine sand, picturesque villages, breathtaking scenery, delicious cuisine, Algarve Portugal is the perfect destination for golf enthusiasts throughout the year, because it enjoys a perfect climate for this kind of sport each month of the year, but also due to generous and high-quality golf fields.

Overall, Algarve is a tourist region of Portugal that has a privileged geographical position. The province had once been considered an independent kingdom.

Because it is the southernmost region of Portugal, the weather here is fit for beach time and swimming in the ocean for over 6 months a year. The region is visited mainly by Germans and French people.

In case you are planning to visit Portugal for a short holiday or your job takes you there and you want a quiet destination or you just want to escape from everyday life for a few days, Algarve is the perfect destination for relaxation, located at about 40 minutes away from Faro. For those who find the summer months too hot and too crowded – try the quieter rhythm of life in Algarve during the off-season – the sun always shines here and Albufeira welcomes you!

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